Love your neighbor

One of Jesus powerful commands was to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.   We have a wonderful opportunity to explore the Words of Jesus concerning this command this Sunday when Chris Klein comes to share God's word from the following passages:

Scripture:  Deuteronomy 6:4-9  /  Matthew 22:39 / Luke 10:25-37

But loving one's neighbor is not just to be read or talked about; it is to be put into action.

The picture shared above is from this past Wednesday when our Basic English Language Learners (BELL) met.   In appreciation of the her mentor, one of our students brought in flowers to say a big thank you - you are noticed and appreciated.

Another story I received was from one of our fellow LifeQuestors who was traveling out of the GR airport.  While waiting they started up a conversation with a family that was traveling from Lebanon who came to Grand Rapids for medical treatment for a child.   This LQ family member engaged them lovingly and offered assistance for any future returns.   I LOVE THIS STORY.   This is putting into action what Jesus invited us to - to love our neighbor.

And who is our neighbor?  The person in front of you who has need.

The question is - do we see the people in front of us?  Are we willing and ready to engage?

LifeQuest - let us learn, listen and apply this command to LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS!