Hero Maker

Next week, Burt, Bill, Torey and Toby will be heading the Exponential Church Planting Conference.  This conference has been asking the question over the past couple of years, "Why are we not experiencing a multiplication movement here in the United States?"  This has stirred bold praying, creative resources and a deep call back to disciples who make disciples who make disciples who........

The focus of this years conference is listed below.  Please be in prayer for THE CHURCH that a multiplication movement would take root and bring healing to our land.   Pray for Burt, Bill, Torey and Toby to unified and hear clearly what God has intended for them individual but also as a team representing LQ.


Move From Hero To Hero Maker

Every year, thousands of the world’s church planting leaders come to Orlando to learn what’s new and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in church planting. This year you can expect to learn the 5 essential practices of moving from hero (standing on the platform) to hero making (building a platform for others)…

Multiplication Thinking

Are you thinking that you can effectively build God’s ministry by yourself? Well stop. And think again. Stop investing your time and resources on a method that’s limited to addition. Maximize God’s ministry by placing an emphasis on multiplying and developing other leaders.

Permission Giving

Are you having a hard time discovering how you can maximize your discipleship efforts? Well here’s the secret. The focus shouldn’t be on your leadership. The focus should be on developing the leadership that God has put around you! 

Disciple Multiplying

Are you committed to just creating disciples? Or are you committed to creating disciple multipliers? Commit to creating disciple multipliers. Your impact will reach far beyond your church or city.

Gift Activating

Are you only asking God to use your gifts? Or are you also asking God to equip those that you’re discipling? Your ministry will only thrive when you stop trying to fill slots. Instead use your time and resources to develop people’s gifts and commission leaders to be sent out for ministry.

Kingdom Building

We’re all guilty of it. We get more caught up with “Who shows up to my thing?” instead of “Who have I sent out to do God’s thing?”. If we’re serious about building God’s ministry, then we have to change our definition of success. We need to stop measuring attendance and start measuring how many of our disciples are advancing the kingdom.