Let your light shine

As we continue through the commands of Christ we are being constantly reminded that if we love him, we will keep his commands (John 14:15).

The challenge with keeping Jesus commands is that if we could do it perfectly, then we would not need a Savior.  To seek after Jesus and to follow him and his word - it is not about what WE DO - but it is about what JESUS ALREADY DID FOR US.

To let my light shine as Matthew 5:16 invites us, I have no light to offer.  The only light I have to share is Jesus working in and through me.

The image of light is used through out scripture.  It is a powerful image.  It is the first thing God speaks into existence, let there be light!   Light was also seen as the presence of God as he led the Israelites out of slavery by a pillar of fire by night.  It was in fire and lighting that God came down on Mount Sanai to meet with Moses.  It was from this history that the Israelite people started to celebrate the feast of tents (Sukkot) with huge oil candles at the temple.  It was during this feast we are told in John 7 and 8 that Jesus declares I am the light of the world.

It is Jesus light that shines in us, around us and through us.

May you be blessed this week and may you have eyes to see the light!