Lord, send me....

I love this photo that was captured about 10 years ago.  It is a picture of my son Luke, looking over an amazing view from Sedona, Arizona.   After a fun climb, Luke took a pause to enjoy the view.   I sneaked behind him and captured the picture. There is such innocents in seeing a 5 year old child take in the beauty, the wonder, the majesty of God's creation.   This photo often reminds me of the calling God places in our life and that he gives us a 'picture' and invites us to go start the journey.

So what journey are you on?

That is what summer in Michigan often is.   It offers us a time to PAUSE and take in God's creation.   A time to enter new rhythms and reflect and ponder - Lord, where am I being called?   What is the journey that you are laying out before me?

This summer, at LifeQuest we are inviting you to PAUSE and REFLECT.   Where is God calling you?   To help you do this with intention and focus we ask you to consider how the following rhythm's might be a blessing to you:

Group of 2 to 3       Do you have a trusted person or two that you meet with regularly to pray together, study God's word together and to disciple one another?   This is where deep discipleship takes root and leadership development occurs.

Group of 10-15          Are you on a rhythm with a group of people you connect with to do life together?   A time to share a meal or go experience a summer event together.   This is the focus of our Community Groups.   A place where you are known and you can get to know others.  This is the first level of pastoral care where you can help serve the needs of others and express you needs to the group as well.   Jesus shared, you will know they are my disciples by how they loved one another.

Group of 20 to 50     Knowing that you are walking with a group of people heading on the same journey is encouraging.   This summer on Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 PM we will be hosting back yard praise and worship experiences around a local fire pit.   The purpose of these gatherings is to encourage one another and build up the community.   A list of the homes hosting these gatherings will soon be sent out.

Groups of 50 (+)       This is known as the crowd.   A larger worship gathering, such as Sunday morning.   It is important to stay connected to a larger group that is pursuing a God sized vision to proclaim that the Kingdom of God is HERE!

Are you intentionally walking in each of these areas?

If we can assist you in thinking this through or getting connected in one or more of these areas please let us know.

Have a blessed Summer