What does OBEDIENCE look like?

We are grateful to have Lucas, Daniella, Benjamin and Josiah back in West Michigan after serving in Papua New Guinea for 18 months.   This journey for the Woltjer family was an act of obedience.  We were grateful to be able to hear about their journey and all that God did in, through and around them during their time in PNG.   Thanks to all who supported the Woltjers through prayer, email encouragement and finances.

Their act of obedience has taught the LifeQuest community many things as to what it means to follow the Lord and trust him.   It may be a call to go around the world, or simply, across the street.

The deep question we need to wrestle with.....are we hearing from the Lord and obeying him?

Part of obedience is WAITING.   Currently, the Woltjer's are waiting.  Waiting to hear from our Lord Jesus as to what is next.   This journey of obedience is not easy, it requires trust.   So please continue to lift up the Woltjer family in prayer.   Seek ways to encourage them and do life together.

We wait together.  Lord Jesus, lead us into deeper obedience and trust.