Stepping out in Faith

This past Sunday (7/29/2018) was LifeQuest Sending Sunday.  Instead of meeting in a building we choose to go out and be the Church in the community.  

Some picked blueberries and donated them to Harvest Stand Ministries.  Another group went to the beach and handed out water bottles to beach goers, engage other youth in conversation, grilled chicken for anyone wanting some and invited others to play some volleyball.  And Yet another group went to a local community to bless them with yard work, mowing lawns, trimming bushes, pulling weeds.

One thing we noticed is the reluctance of people to receive something that is free, no strings attached. Weather a bottle of water or someone mowing your lawn. So if we struggle with accepting something tangible from a physical being, how much harder is it to except the love and free gift of God, which comes through Jesus Christ.

In Short, building relationships in time brings Trust. Trust brings Faith, and with Faith we will accept.

It's not our job to get it right, we never will, we are human.  It is our job to step out in faith.  God will do the rest.  If you have questions, please contact us.